Keep Your Mail Secure Inside A Durable Smart Mailbox

Drone Delivery Systems presents an innovative mailbox that lets you easily and safely collect items delivered by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Faster Shipping

We are revolutionizing and empowering end users to accept deliveries with cutting-edge modern technology, with a technically savvy team.

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Posted by Skycart on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Experience life unplugged.

Drone Delivery Systems Corporation introduces the FIRST Solar Powered Smart Mailbox in the World. AirBox 1® will receive package delivery for the end user via drone keeping deliveries safe, private and secure from the outside world.

Airbox Delivery Systems

Safe, Secure and Private Deliveries

AirBox Technologies®
Delivery Logistics

The AirBox is ideal for accepting medications, prescriptions, survival supplies even insulin to patients that need insulated delivery quickly. When elderly persons, or patients can’t drive to the pharmacy or accept deliveries at the front door, the AirBox can be placed in an easy to reach area, on a balcony, or window sill for the intended patient, in a convenient and easy to access area.

Shop & Restaurant Owners

The AirBox is the end users identifier when ordering “goods” via drone. The GPS coordinates of the AirBox guide the drone to deliver medical, postal and retail goods safely to your residence.